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Want to sell more on Facebook and increase your business presence?

You’ve come to the right place! My Facebook for Business course gives you all the knowledge and insights you need to grow your business through Facebook using techniques and strategies I used to grow my business from £100 a month to over £250k – I’ve already helped many businesses grow, so why not join them?

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My online course is for you if:

  • You want to sell more products and services on Facebook
  • You’ve already tried unsuccessfully to promote your business on Facebook
  • You’re looking for a course that will guide you with easy to follow steps
  • You want an interactive workshop, plus extra guidance and support

Welcome to the Facebook for Business - £100 a month to £250k

A high quality, comprehensive workshop

Our interactive workshop has been specially designed by Chris London, an owner of multiple successful businesses. Chris is a, self-taught, social media coach to many clients across the UK. His knowledge comes from scaling his own businesses including taking one of his businesses from £100 a month to over £250k in sales from selling just one single product solely on Facebook. Chris is a firm believer that any business product or service can benefit and increase profit by using effective social media marketing. As a highly experienced social media coach, Chris knows exactly what’s required to increase your sales and presence on Facebook – and he’s made hundreds of thousands doing it.

The online workshop gives you all the knowledge and background detail you need to improve your business and ensure your target customers are finding you, and its broken down into sections and clearly presented step by step with easy to follow videos. There’s lots of variety, with videos, audio and text to help you stay interested and retain the information.

We’re always on hand to help

You’ll have access to even more help and guidance at our Facebook page, where I’ll be happy to answer your questions.


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Course Curriculum

Who is your Ideal Customer?
Facebook Advertising and Analytics Tips

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Chris London
Chris London
Social Media Coach, Online Course Creator and Multiple Business Owner

About the instructor

Chris has been a business owner for nearly 10 years. After building a number of successful small businesses across the Midlands he turned his attention to course creation and also to advertising - specifically in social media to small to medium sized businesses

Having tried and tested the industry market using social media advertising, Chris found the key ways to get the most out of your social media marketing. Using these techniques Chris has helped business owners:

- Work less hours

- Earn more money

- Increase prices

- Produce cost effective, profitable adverts and business pages

- Set up their own business

- Grow a team

More recently Chris has put his findings into an easy to follow step by step tutorial in his online course the 'Facebook for Business' where he outlines the steps and strategies he used to scale one of his businesses from £100 a month to over £250k selling just one product solely on Facebook


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